Monday, May 3, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

In the last couple months I have neglected my blog, but I am back and hopefully with a little more consistency! Life has been very busy. Full of weddings, birthdays, and other festivities leaving me with very little energy and time for the fun extra things I like to do. Things are slowing down a little bit or at least enough for me to get back on the train again. So I will catch up with what has been going on in my absence.

An Apron for a friend

This friend also happened to be the unfortunate victim of my first apron mistake, always check if the fabric has specific up and down directions. Look closely and you will see my folly!

We were also able to purchase a dinning room set. The chairs we got were latter back style with leather cushions.

The table top is plank style and has lots of distress marks which gives it that farmhouse style feel I love.

The whole set is made out of this beautiful Cherry. It looks very fancy in our mobile home!

First Dodger game of 2010!

Yes, you see it correctly. That's Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

I've had the pleasure of attending many wedding this spring and one of the most recent was for my cousin and best friend Teresa.
This is me and her sister Jill.

My cousins nieces but I can pretend they're mine too can't I?

My and the beautiful bride.

Me and Melanie (the groom's little sister)

Me and my little brother.


My groom.

My little sister.

The same weekend as Teresa's wedding we went to another one for our friends Jeremy and Genae.
Boys being boys!

The bride and groom

Old roomies.


Me and Steph.