Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend of family and friends

This past weekend was full of events and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend all of them. My younger sister Kacie was elected as one of the senior class princesses for homecoming. I went to cheer her on, but spent most of my time being surprised by all the changes that have happened since I was there. 6 years can change a lot, believe me. The next day I had two showers to attend. One was for a cousin who is going to have a baby and the other for a dear friend who is getting married soon. Both were fun and it was so good to catch up with friends and family I don't get to see very often. I was relieved to make it home to my husband and my comfy bed. It's a long lonely drive from Fresno to our home all by yourself!

Miss bride-to-be Ruth (and the lovely practice boquet I made)

Bridesmaids with the bride!

Kacie, Tracie and I


Fans in the stands

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Morning

My Saturday mornings are usually spent catching up on house chores like laundry, dusting and such things. Today I got a break from my routine with craft brunch. Well, actually, craft brunch was cancelled because all of the attendees besides the host and I had things come up. Not to be deterred my friend Lidy and I changed our plans a little. Her husband Joel was playing at the Village Grill from 10-12 and she was so kind as to invite me to hang out with her there. What a fantastic idea it was! We hung out, listened to great music, did a little crafting, drank to much coffee, and even made a quick trip to Beverly's. It was perfect weather and perfect company. I only regretted not taking pictures and that it had to end. The project of the month was embroidery hoop art. You can find all different ways to do this on I chose to try my hand at felt flowers. I'm very happy with the fruits of my labor which are pictured below.

Three hoops hung on my bathroom wall, were just the finishing touches I wanted in there.

The vintage buttons I picked up at Beverly's really finished this set of classy white flowers off.

Yes I'm obsessed with this yellow/orange vintage color, it's bordering on taking over #1 Green!

These were tough to make stay in place but it was worth the effort!

Tea Towels

This is the first time I have made tea towels. They are for a wedding gift (story of my life lately). Technically I cheated a little because the towels were already cut and hemmed. I still say "made" them because I added some applique's to them. They are to match a previously made apron. I really enjoyed making these and see more being made in the future.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peddlers Faire

Peddlers Faire you ask? The Peddlers Faire is a place for local vendors to show off and sell their wares, which can be anything from furniture to glassware. It took place at the Kern County Museum this year. I'm so glad I was told about this event because it was great. I got to hang out with my two sisters-in law, Katie and Denise and the cutest little nephew in the world! I'll be honest, when Henry was there I did more playing than browsing, but I like to think I gave his mother a chance to look through all the treasures :) Another friend showed up later right as Henry was about fed up with the whole thing so I got a chance to walk through again and check things out. There were a lot of things I loved and most of the things I did purchase came from my freind Lidy and her husband Joel's booth called Vintage Peach. I knew it would be trouble looking at her wares because I had a feeling we had the same taste. Boy was I right! I could have carted off a lot of things from them. I hope they did well because they had such wonderful things to offer all who came.

Below are all the items I purchased. Everything besides the vase was purchased from Vintage Peach.

The chair and mirror now have special places in my bedroom where they add just the little spice of unexpectedness I was going for.

And yes the fabric is a green zebra print, what more could a girl ask for?!

The vase holds no flowers yet, I will soon buy some to brighten our kitchen.

The green glass bowl and teacup holder have been repurposed to hold my jewelry, very stylishly I might add.

Not pictured above are the little yellow things hanging from my necklace holder in the first picture. Those are handmade wash cloths. They are the best! I have already put them to work and have decided that I need to make some of these myself!

More Gifts

Lately I live in the world of gift sewing. So many weddings and birthdays, I've had to stay on top of it! Here are two more of my creations for some pretty special people.

A very pink apron for a very special co-worker affectionately called "Mama Terry"

Some more baby stuff!