Sunday, May 27, 2012


I'm just getting so good at not posting lately. It's not that I don't want to, it just takes a lot of extra effort with out internet situation that I just don't want to make when I'm busy. And my my we have been busy lately. It's "summer time" on the farm, I'm getting more hours at work, and our house plans are really getting some serious traction.

 As far as the house goes. It's still just a pile of dirt, but almost a perfectly prepared pile of dirt. We've signed contracts and now things are going through all the legal stages and hopefully we'll be pouring concrete within a month.

 I got to hang out with all of my nephews at once a week or two ago and lets face it, they're pretty much they cutest nephews on the planet so here's some pictures.

Blue broke her paw two days ago, further proving my belief that we got some bad voodoo going on with dogs.

  She's also picked up this annoying habit of chewing the hose and stringing it out all over the yard.

My garden is planted and growing!

That's all!