Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas present from Ben

Ever since July on my first visit to Ikea I have been wanting a bookshelf I saw there. Me being my cheap self instead of indulging myself in this wonderful item immediately decided to wait until I got Christmas money. I'm glad I waited because Ben took me to go get it. It is now assembled and looks just a great as I had dreamed it would. I have not had time to fill it with things yet. It has been a crazy Christmas season to say the least. I think my problem will be narrowing down what belongs in it. Although our house is wonderful it lacks good storage spaces with shelves and such things. It's exciting to have a new place to put things! My house is one step closer to being organized in every room.

Ben piecing it together.

The finished product!

More Christmas

Christmas day was spent at my Aunt and Uncle's house eating great food, watching the Lakers, and playing with some sweet remote control cars. We hung out with my cousins two little boys who were quite the entertainers. They got a real kick out of the cars and our makeshift jump we made in the living room out of a magazine and shoes. Christmas night we went bowling with my cousins and friends from church. Everyone had a blast.

The boys, showing me their new wallets with chains "so you don't lose it."

Ben snuck a nap in.

Korey being informed on how the chain on the wallet keeps you from losing it.

Our nifty ramp.

My brother and I. (no I don't know why my eyes are so wide)

My sisters.

Two parts of the unstoppable three!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Catching up

I know I have been a slacker as of late on here. The month of December seemed to catch up with me and I now understand why my mom was always a little glad to see Christmas pass. We love seeing family and friends but with double the family now it is definitely a juggling act. Where to start? We got our first Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago and the grape ornaments I blogged about earlier look great on it. I am still on the hunt for a great tree topper. I wouldn't settle for a temporary junky one, not to mention Ben would not allow it.

Our wonderful tree, with no topper yet

This has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas but it was just too funny. Peachy dragged her bed out into the middle of the yard and was sleeping like this soaking up the sun.

The first Christmas to attend was Sorensen Christmas. We first attended the big extended family one and then that smaller more immediately family one afterward. The big one was a little odd for me because I knew absolutely no one. Our smaller one was definitely fun with Henry crawling around and Ben throwing balls around with the little boys. Here's a couple pictures of Henry eating lunch. How can you not love that face?

After Sorensen Christmas was my immediately family Christmas. It was great to be able to hang out with them for a while. I got some great "grown up" gifts as I call them. It just makes me laugh how much my Christmas list has changed since I got married.

Kari on her new bike.

On the way home from my immediate family Christmas Ben and I were getting anxious to see what each got the other. Then I suggested maybe we should just open them that night. So like a couple of kids we lost our patience and opened them. I justify this by the fact that we will not be home on Christmas and why not open them early. It turned out great because Ben got to play with his new toy, I got him an itouch. His big present to me was a bookshelf from Ikea I have been wanting forever. He is taking me to Ikea to go get it too. He's actually going with me, now that's a gift!
These are pictures of us with our respective gifts.

Christmas Eve morning was at the Fast's. It's a whole different Christmas with the new additions of me and Henry. Henry is mobile now and was having a grand time of wallowing around in wrapping paper. One of his gifts was a walker and he thought that was the best because he could be upright with no help at all. I got some more grown up gifts at this Christmas and I am really excited to start using all the wonderful things I got.

My beautiful sisters in law.

Henry playing in his walker.