Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Funday

Today during the sermon in church Pastor John mentioned a big juicy steak. This got stuck in Ben's head and since we were headed to the grocery store after church anyway we decided to "feast." Every great once in a while Ben and I have what we call a feast. It doesn't necessarily mean there's tons of food it just means we're going to treat ourselves to some very tasty stuff. We got big beautiful Rib eye's from the butcher counter and purchased some potatoes and salad to go with. The steak turned out amazingly as usual. We didn't get much past them though. I ate about 1/4 of my potato and Ben didn't finish much more of his. The salad went untouched. After a nice Sunday afternoon nap we headed out for a drive around me and Peachy on the gator, Ben on the dirtbike. It didn't last too long with it being about 102 outside. Once inside again Ben played some video games while I worked on a couple things. We topped the night off by pazookie. Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough and great vanilla ice cream. I made it in a pie pan though and I think we made it through maybe half. Thus our day of feasting, fun, and of course football was done. I love these days but I'm glad they are far and few between. They wouldn't be as special and I would be quite a porker! Anyways, kudo's to Ben for a wonderful steak and to Denise for the milk glasses that hold the perfect amount of milk for these occasions!

Delicious Ribeye steak with mushroom and onion

The untouched salad

Ben's half eaten potato

Ben having a beef overdose

Short-lived second attempt to eat more potato

Ben on the dirt bike

Peachy getting ready for our ride

Time out in the shade from our ride

Chocolate chip pazookie

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dodgers and Cross Country

On Friday we got to go to the Dodger game. I was so excited because we hadn't been all summer and there was finally a night game that we could make it to. I got off work a little early and we headed down with Royce and Gail. The game was kind of sad because the Dodgers couldn't seem to muster much of anything but we had other entertainment. There was a very drunk girl who danced in the aisles between innings and a mom in front of us that got her grove on as well during breaks. Inevitably these two ended up dancing together at one point. I think I think I had tears from laughing so hard at one point. All in all another great Dodger game.

On Saturday my sister Kacie had a cross country race against Bakersfield Christian. Ben and I went over to watch. It was a really hot day and I felt bad for her but she still did well. She came in first of all the girls and even beat a couple of boys! Go Kacie!

Our secondary entertainment

Ben and I

Manny Ramirez

Andre Ethier

First Finisher

The start

Sunday, September 13, 2009


If you read my earlier post you would know we acquired a spa for free from a family friend. It sat on the trailer for the majority of last week waiting to be placed in our backyard. Ben first had to bring in more dirt to build up the base where it was to sit. Then he put pavers and two by fours down so the wood outside would not sit directly on the ground. Finally the spa was put down and it looked great. Ben then began the work of putting some decking and steps by it and filling in around it with more dirt. It is not wired yet but looks great. It should be in working shape in no time and then we will be waiting for the first night it is even relatively cold enough to try it out!

The pretty inside

The planters, hopefully to contain something nice soon

The steps and front decking

TADA it looks great

Peachy made it in this one

Oh Henry

Morro Bay

This weekend Ben and I decided to take off to the condo at Morro Bay. I love that the Fast's have this great little condo right on the bay. It's nice to have a place to go that's in a relatively quiet town and has a great view! We got there late Friday and basically went to bed. Saturday we were up early after a relatively restless night because we are spoiled with a wonderful, huge, comfy bed at home and the one there is very small comparatively. We got breakfast at Dorn's which was delicious then watched football. We left and got lunch at the Hoffbrau and then watched more football. So our trip consisted of us eating and watching football and not much else. I thought to myself we could have just done this at home, nope I would have felt obligated to work on something. It was good to get away to a cool spot and relax after a couple of crazy weeks. We came back Sunday morning for the birthday party at Greg and Debbie's. All in all a very relaxing and refreshing trip.

Ben's second spot of the day


The beginnings of Ben's stocking

Ben's 1st and 3rd spot of the day

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hot Tub Adventure

Ben and I both really love sitting in a hot tub during winter time. We really wanted one but weren't quite ready to buy one and were keeping our eyes peeled for someone who just wanted to get rid of theirs. Our luck changed a couple of weeks ago when we heard a family friend was looking to get rid of a hot tub. We had heard that it was old but saw pictures and it was in awesome shape so we decided to go for it. So this last saturday we made our way over to this house in Fresno to pick up the spa + gazebo. The owner/family friend was watching to whole time so it was a little more tedious taking apart the gazebo nicely rather than blasting it apart where some of it had rotted. Most of it was actually in pretty good shape and relatively easy to get apart. The hot tub itself was a lot bigger than we anticipated. 8 x 8 and heavy as lead, Ben and I and our recruited 3 helpers could barely budge a corner. Luckily there so happened to be a forklift on the premises. This helped after we got the hot tub on its side because the bottom wasn't solid and therefore couldn't be lifted that way and it couldn't lay flat on the trailer and fit. So the owner gets on the forklift, mind you this man is at least 93, so thus began the big adventure of the day. I half closed my eyes as the hot tub made its way to the trailer as the driver was a little rocky and the other guys were hanging on for dear life. But we succeeded in getting it on the trailer and the rest was cake. We took the 43 home and just went slow. It is currently still atop the trailer but will be taken down soon by a much better forklift driver and more hands hopefully. I told Ben I don't want to be around to see it happen though. I think last time was all I can handle.