Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

My family came down for a very quick vist and then I had much of the afternoon left. What to do? Football and sewing I say! Yes random combo but it was very relaxing indeed!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Touch of Fall

Even though it doesn't feel like fall, fall colors are my favorite!

Old Things New

I took that day off today and vetured into downtown to see what I could see. Some friends had recommended some antique stores downtown for me to check out. I have never really been interested in antiques but have I ever had a change of heart! I went to American Antiques and fell in love. It was huge and so full of wonderful things I couldn't begein to take it in. Now I have begun to understand why people love it so much. There are treasures around every corner. Some are pricey but some are just right. I could have spent the day in just one store looking at everything.

I have been looking for sugar and flour canisters for quite some time now. Nothing caught my eye anywhere I looked. Until today! Originally I thought it would be fun to have a mis-matched set and I had found a couple canisters I liked in the store. Then I stumbled across these and fell in love. I think I'm becoming a big fan of this yellow color.


One of my favorite blogs to keep up with is Young House Love. She has an obsession with white ceramic animals. Well today I became a bit of a copy cat but only a little bit. I saw these wood ducks and fell in love again. (that could be a bad habit for me)

They are a little dingy looking here

After a little white high gloss paint.



Well I am officially the last one in the family to post about Shaver but better late than never right? I have an excuse. We got a new laptop and it has taken Ben and I couple nights to get it where we want it to be! Anyway, Shaver was a great time for all who came. Here are a few of the shots I took.

What beautiful world we live in!

Katie's thrifty finds

Buddy decided to come with me

Ohhhhhh soooooo......


Little Owen

The pathway Ben and I had never seen, it was always covered with snow!

What a pretty picture they make

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010


Usually I find myself a relatively creative person and I have not had much trouble envisioning purposes for spaces. I guess every person meets their match at some point. Mine is the side of our house. My original intent was to make raised planters for a garden there. It was brought to my attention this would not work out as I had dreamed because I had overlooked the fact this area is not exposed to the sun very long. Continuing grass back into this corner would just be a pain to mow and require a little editing of our sprinkler system. So right now it has a few bushes and has an extra piece of bender board residing there. I hate this little space because the bushes get out of control so fast and it just isn't very nice. I'm very happy with the rest of the yard but this has been the thorn in my side. So I come to you (anyone who reads this) for advice. Any and I mean ANY ideas are welcome. Any direction would be appreciated, I need inspiration!

Gifts for a cousin

A cousin of mine is having a baby any day now. Even though they live out of state she was thoughtful enough to invite me to the shower and so I seized the opportunity to try my hand at baby stuff. Up until this point my projects have been limited to aprons, curtains and of course some mending. This was the perfect opportunity to broaden my horizons. After consulting with some of my resident sewing veterans I decided to go with burp rags and onesies. Once again I procrastinated starting because it was new to me and I wasn't following any particular pattern. Now looking at my finished project I have decided this has to be one of my favorites. You are only limited by your scraps and imagination and it doesn't take a huge time investment.

My first attempt at embroidery. It leaves much to be desired but it's the thought that counts right?!

The whole set. Not quite matching but coordinating.

I did this whole flower with hand sticthing. I like the unpolished look of it. My embroidery much improved on this one after once again consulting my resident sewing veterans.

A little more hand stitching but much less which was nice.