Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let the fun begin!

Well I haven't been too good about posting on here have I? In my defense with my limited access to internet on my computer and my phone not liking the next blogger format it's been a little difficult. ANYWAY we've been quite busy. As many may now Ben and I have been moving forward with our project of building a house. There's been a lot of leg work for the last few months, admittedly mostly by Ben, but we're finally getting to the point where there will be physical work done. The last two weekeneds have already been filled with speding time out on our lot hooking things up, cleaning up trash, and now moving dirt to prepare the pad for our house. We are still a little ways out from starting construction but it is coming quickly. Hopefully everything goes according to plan but you never know what's going to happen! Here's just a couple pictures of one of the biggest progjects we'll ever take on!

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